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Spares for Hembury Slimline 5

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Product Code ModelDescriptionRRP Price
SPDFHESL5ACSPHembury Slimline 5Air Control Spring (each)£0.75 + vat
SPDFHESL5APHembury Slimline 5Ash Pan£28.00 + vat
SPDFHESL5APTHembury Slimline 5Ash Pan Tool£12.50 + vat
SPDFHESL5BLHHembury Slimline 5Brick LH£9.50 + vat
SPDFHESL5BPHembury Slimline 5Baffle Plate£30.00 + vat
SPDFHESL5BPRBHembury Slimline 5Blanking Plate Retaining Bar£4.50 + vat
SPDFHESL5BRHHembury Slimline 5Brick RH£9.50 + vat
SPDFHESL5BRRHembury Slimline 5Brick Rear (Pair)£23.00 + vat
SPDFHESL5FLBPHembury Slimline 5Flue Blanking Plate£18.00 + vat
SPDFHESL5FRHembury Slimline 5Fuel Retainer (MF)£27.00 + vat
SPDFHESL5FS150Hembury Slimline 5Flue Spigot 150mm£13.50 + vat
SPDFHESL5GLHembury Slimline 5Glass£35.10 + vat
SPDFHESL5GRHembury Slimline 5Glass Retaining Strip£2.60 + vat
SPDFHESL5GRSHembury Slimline 5Glass Retaining Screw (each)£0.15 + vat
SPDFHESL5MFGHembury Slimline 5Grate Multi Fuel (pair)£52.00 + vat
SPDFHESL5HPHembury Slimline 5Hinge Pins 6mm (pair)£2.50 + vat
SPDFHESL5PACAHembury Slimline 5Primary Air Control Arm£14.00 + vat
SPDFHESL5PASLHembury Slimline 5Primary Air Wash Slider£6.50 + vat
SPDFHESL5PRKHembury Slimline 5Rope Seal Kit£12.50 + vat
SPDFHESL5SACAHembury Slimline 5Secondary Air Control Arm£14.00 + vat
SPDFHESL5SASLHembury Slimline 5Secondary Air Wash Slider£6.50 + vat

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