Skope Inset Electric Fires

Skope Inset Electric Fires

Skope Inset fires are offered in four sizes and are designed to be built into the wall for a minimalist installation that integrates seamlessly with your interior.

Skope inset fires create minimalist, hole-in-the-wall installations for a clean and contemporary, built-in aesthetic.  Offered in a choice of four sizes from the smallest 85R to the commanding 195R, Inset models are suitable for a broad range of settings from the lounge to the bedroom.

Each size features the Skope’s powerful Chromalight immersive LED technology, assortment of feature fuel effects, and advanced Thermostatic handset.

Skope Inset 135R with Log fuel effect
 Dimensions* Width Height
Skope 85R 900mm 336mm
Skope105R 1100mm 336mm
Skope 135R 1400mm 336mm
Skope 195R 2000mm 336mm

*Dimensions given are those overall visible upon installation

Key features

Chromalight Immersive LED System
Mulitiple Flame Effects
Thermostatic Remote Control
13 Fuel Bed Lighting Colours
Customisable Fuel Bed