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Product Code ModelDescriptionRRP Price Example Image
SPDFDAW5APHuccaby EcoAsh Pan£25.00 + vatSPDFDAW5AP-Dartmoor-W5-Ash-Pan
SPDFDAW5GLHuccaby EcoDoor Glass£40.80 + vat
SPDFDAW5HBHuccaby EcoDoor Handle - Black £12.50 + vatDartmoor-Range-Black-Door-Handle
SPDFDAW5PSSHuccaby EcoDoor Handle Complete - Stainless Steel £55.00 + vat-Dartmoor-Range-Stainless-Steel-Door-Handle
SPDFDAW5FLBPHuccaby EcoFlue Blanking Plate£18.00 + vat
SPDFDAW5FS125Huccaby EcoFlue Spigot 125mm£13.50 + vat
SPDFDAW5RKHuccaby EcoMain Door Rope Seal Kit£12.50 + vat
SPDFDAW5OTHuccaby EcoOperating Tool£17.20 + vat
SODFEDDAW5MFHuccaby EcoMulti-fuel kit£200.20 + vat
Huccaby EcoR/H & L/H Inner side (pair)£37.76 + vat
Huccaby EcoL/H & R/H Back brick (Pair)£34.72 + vat
SPDFEDDAW5WBRSOHuccaby EcoL/H & R/H Outer side brick (pair)
£40.24 + vat
Huccaby EcoLower baffle£23.64 + vat
Huccaby EcoTop Baffle£13.92 + vat
SPDFEDDAW5MFBRI Huccaby EcoR/H & L/H Inner side brick Multi-fuel MF (Pair)
£38.88 + vat
SPDFEDDAW5MFBRSO Huccaby EcoL/H & R/H Outer side brick Multi-fuel MF (pair)

£40.24 + vat
Huccaby EcoKiln fired ECO multifuel brick (pair)£46.00 + vat
SPDFEDDAW5BPLHuccaby EcoBaffle Plate (steel)£30.00 + vat
SODFBB5Huccaby EcoBack Box (Rear Flue Adaptor) 125mm£101.82 + vat
SODFBBHuccaby EcoBack Box (Rear Flue Adaptor) 150mm£101.82 + vat

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