Optional Extras

Clear Vision of Fire
Dean Clearburn, Hembury, Sherford and 105Se stoves incorporte a preheated air wash system.  This system is designed to heat the secondary air to a very high temperature before being drawn over the glass.

The stove induces pre-heated air from the bottom of the stove through a labyrinth of passages into the top of the stove and over the glazed door, this drives unburnt gases back into the fire chamber mixing with the air at the same time.  These gases combined with the hot air cause combustion over the glass, burning more fuel particles and unwanted deposits off the glass; thus increasing the efficiency and vision of the fire.

All Junior, Slimline and Small Clearburn stoves are fitted with 100mm legs and all Clearburn stoves in the medium and large ranges are fitted with 150mm legs as standard giving their standard height in the tables.

Airwash Systems
The Hembury, Clearburn, 105Se and Sherford range of stoves have Airwash systems unlike many other stoves on the market.  The secondary air is taken in through the base of the stove where is starts to take on heat; it then continues on a journey through special air ducting inside the stove, where it is heated to a very high temperature before entering the fire box.  This superhot air causes combustion over the glass, burning smoke particles and unwanted deposits off the glass.

Flue Options
There are three flue arrangements available – top, rear and back box.  Top and rear flue options are fitted as standard on all Dean Stoves.  This is achieved by moving the interchangable flue spigot and cover plate to either the  top or the back.
The back box (see illustration) is an optional extra, this is fixed to the back outlet on the stove, using the same fixing point as the standard spigot, and enabling the stove to be brought forward in the fireplace and the top kept clear, whilst using a vertical flue.  This option also eliminates the use of a tee and cap, with

the added facility in most cases to still clean the flue through the stove.  Please Note:  cleaning the flue through the stove is not always possible with saddle and integral boilers.

Multi_Fuel Grates Option
The full range of Clearburn stoves can be fitted with a multi-fuel coal grate.  The Junior, Slimline and Small can be fitted with a grate system where you can riddle the ash through to an ash pan via an external arm.  The Medium and Large stoves have a static grate system.  The Hembury and 105Se Range are all fitted with a multi-fuel grate and a removeable wood burning plate as standard.

Hearth Requirements and Stove Installation
All Dean Stoves are the Dartmoor 5 / Baker with the base protector fitted can be sited on a minimum of 12mm of non combustible hearth to meet current building regulations.  Please refer to installation instructions before installing your stove.
Dean Stove recommend all stove installations are carried out by an experienced HETAS qualified engineer.

Stove Finish
Stove are finished with a high quality heat resistant paint.  Flat black is our standard colour for all of our stoves.

All stoves will burn wood, peat and brickettes.  Stoves fitted with multi-fuel grates will burn all types of smokeless fuel recommended for enclosed appliances.  As with all woodburning stoves the wood you burn must have a moisture content of less than 20%.  It is imperative the wood you use should have at least one year’s air drying in a covered position before use on any stove.

Closed Combustion
The Clearburn Range (woodburning only), Sherford, Hembury and 105Se (wood and multi-fuel) can be fitted with a direct air manifold enabling combustion air to be connected directly to an outside air source.  By using the Closed Combustion system you prevent the stove from stealing heat from the room thus maximising the heat efficiency of the stove.