With its clean, contemporary lines, the Lotus H370 is an impressive built-in wood burning fire. Incorporating an elegant black steel front and a large glass door, you will experience a wonderful view of the radiant, dancing flames from this highly efficient wood burning fire – creating a sense of cosiness and warmth!

Also, displayed discreetly between the glass door and steel front is the neat and stylish control lever, which completes the stylish design of the H370 wood burning fire.

The H370 wood burning fire has also been approved for the burning of wood in Smoke Control Areas.

Lotus H370 Inset Specifications

High efficiency 78%
Nominal heat output and range 6kW (3-7kW)
Dimensions h x w x d 529 x 736 x 340 mm
Weight 87kg


With its distinctive portrait format, the Lotus H700 built-in wood burning fire is a highly efficient wood burning fire. Whether you want to create a ‘hole in the wall’ look or a hearth-mounted feature, this H700 wood burning fire will provide a stunning focal point in your living space.

The H700 wood burning has a heat output of up to 7kW and offers a truly unique appeal in abundance!

Lotus H700 Inset Specifications

High efficiency 83%
Nominal heat output and range 5kW (3-7kW)
Dimensions h x w x d 784 x 515 x 705 mm
Weight 96kg

The Lotus M26T is a stove that is sure to add instant impact and make a real style statement in your home.

The M2ST is equipped with an innovative integral heat storage system that retains heat during burning and then releases it gently for up to 14 hours after the fire has gone out.  It also features the ability to control the amount of heat output to the room and that which is to be retained.

The vertical steel panels offer a clean contemporary form and allow the heat to radiate out from the storage cells into the room.  The striking black steel is accented by the elegant stainless steel control levers and handle, making the M2ST the perfect combination of form and function, and an ultra-stylish solution for ensuring your home is always cosy and warm.

Lotus M2ST Specifications

High efficiency up to 80%
Wood version Yes
Nominal heat output and range 6kW (4-10kW)
Dimensions h x w x d 1413 x 560 x 560mm
Weight 465kg

The Lotus Mira 1 and 2 wood burning stoves combine form and function in the most remarkable of ways.

The Mira wood burning stove marries these qualities with the characteristically sleek Lotus lines to create an elegant and timeless design. Unique details, such as the stainless steel air control lever and an exclusive handle make for easier operation. The Mira is a wood burning stove that takes user-friendliness and exquisite craftsmanship to a whole new level.

The series includes the Mira 2 where the large side windows embellishes the stove’s elegant lines further. The warm glow of the flames can now be experienced from all sides and transforms the stove into a living masterpiece to suit any contemporary decor.

Lotus Mira Specifications

High efficiency up to 78%
Wood version Yes
Nominal heat output and range 5kW (3-7kW)
Dimensions h x w x d 1082 x 471 x 385mm
Weight 113kg

“The combustion technique is the same high standard it has always been. With the background and knowledge of the previous Liva series, all materials have been meticulously selected and are extremely durable.”

With its solid steel door plate measuring no less than 5 mm, a cast-iron back frame and practical door on the wood storage compartment you get an extremely robust stove. All models are double-glazed and come equipped with a Lotus Turbo Clean air-wash system. If you choose a model with a side glass panel then it also has the air-wash system.

We have improved on the series with a number of new details such as the soft close closing mechanism. An exclusively developed cool-hand designed handle is ergonomically designed, fits your hand perfectly and can be used without gloves. With its inbuilt stabilising feet it is easier to site the stove on uneven surfaces, for example, quarry tiles. The Liva series comes with the option of the unique Comfort ECO boost and the built-in option of connecting it to an external combustion air supply.


Lotus Liva Specifications

High efficiency up to 80%
Wood version Yes
Nominal heat output and range 5kW (3-7kW)
Dimensions h x w x d 1054 x 469 x 385mm
Weight 127kg

Sleek and elegant, the Lotus Sola wood burning stove has a tall door which makes for a fantastic experience of the flames.

The stainless steel door handle follows the curved form of the door, with the ash pan concealed behind the door. Its circular shape and depth of just 38.5 cm make it easy to fit into many places in your home.

With a heat output of up to 7kW, this highly efficient wood burning stove is also suitable for use in Smoke Control Areas. In addition, there are two wood burning models available; the Sola Steel and the new Sola Indian Night Stone.

Lotus Sola Specifications

High efficiency up to 80%
Wood version Yes
Nominal heat output and range 5kW (3-7kW)
Dimensions h x w x d 1054 x 469 x 385mm
Weight 127kg

Simply elegant

The market’s most elegant and stylish fireplace insert. Besides selection of sizes of stoves it is also possible to customise the frame around the stove, so the frame can cover e.g. a large integration hole. The clean design of the handles gives the fireplace insert a beautiful finish and a unique experience of the fire without the problems of an open fireplace.