Ex-display Junior 105se Inset 5kw multi-fuel stove (Ecodesign Ready)

This 105se 5kw Inset stove is designed to be installed into a standard fireplace opening with the chair brick removed.  With its large curved glass window and powerful Airwash system, the 105se features a maximum view of the fire.

Key Features
•  5kw nominal output
•  Powerful Airwash system
•  Large curved glass window
•  Multi-fuel
•  Double skin convector box to all sides of the fire box
•  Approved for use in smoke control areas
•  Wood burning plate

Ex-display price £1,113.37* inc vat
RRP: £1,492.50 inc vat
**In store purchase only –  while stock lasts

Dartmoor 5 Inset

Ex-display Dartmoor 5 Inset 5kw wood burning stove

This great little inset wood burning stove has been designed to fit into an existing fireplace, often saving on building works to re-model your existing fireplace and hearth depth.

It features the Dean Stoves’ pre-heated Airwash system, designed to keep the glass clean and secondary burning of exhaust gases, an optional multi-fuel riddling grate, superb fuel efficiency makes this traditional stove among the most efficient inset stoves available.

Ex-display price £1,036.50* inc vat
RRP: £1,382.00 inc vat
*In store purchase only –  while stock lasts

Dartmoor 5 Inset features

  • Incorporating all the features of the Clearburn range
  • Double skin convector
  • Preheated Airwash system
  • Designed to fit into a standard 16″ (400mm) fireplace (with fire back removed)
  • Drop-in external riddling multi-fuel grate (optional)
  • 5mm steel refractory lined fire box
  • 5 Year Guarantee – Full details see Operating Instructions

Dartmoor 5 Inset – Key Facts

Nominal Output 5Kw
Efficiency 82%
Flue Size 125mm (5″)
Energy Efficiency Rating A
Colour Details Dimensions
Flat Black Dartmoor 5 Inset Profiled Flat Top without extra extension frame W: 480
H: 563
D: 330
Rear fire box overall dimensions for above W: 400
H: 550
D: 257

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Croft Cearburn Junior with profiled flat top

Ex-display Croft Clearburn Junior Se 5kw Wood burning stove

With 40% of RRP this Croft Junior Se 5kw wood burning stove will grace any home, old or new.  With the substantial double-glazed door panel, black bar door handle, and pre-heat Airwash system it’s hard to beat.

Croft Clearburn Junior rolled edge top.

Key Features
•  5kw Nominal Output
• 83% Efficiency
• Individual Primary & Secondary air controls
• Top and rear flue outlets

• Rear flue adaptor (Backbox)
Multi-kit with riddling grate

Ex-display price £658.80* inc vat
RRP: £1,098.00 inc vat
*In store purchase only –  while stock lasts

Hembury Slimline 5

This Hembury Slimline 5 Se is based on the successful Clearburn range, it has the same exceptionally efficient air wash system, a 5kw output and wide glass window and a clear view of the whole fire.  The clean lines the Hembury Slimline 5 Se will adorn any room, traditional or contemporary.  Dean Stoves Brochure

The Hembury Se Slimline 5 Se is supplied with a fitted wood burning plate.  This plate enables hot embers to be retained, restricting the air entering the underside of the fire which improves the combustion when burning wood.  When burning solid fuel or a mixture of wood and solid fuel together the plate can be easily removed.

Ex-display price £869.55* inc vat
RRP: £1,449.25 inc vat
*In store purchase only –  while stock lasts

Hembury Slimline 5 Se – Key Features

  • Large Landscape window
  • 5kw output
  • Powerful preheated air wash system
  • Fixed multi-fuel grate and ash pan
  • Stainless steel door handle and control knobs
  • Wood burning plate
  • 81% efficient
  • DEFRA kit fitted as standard (for smoke control areas)

Hembury Slimline 5 Se – Options

  • Rear vertical flue adaptor (backbox)
    Closed combustion

Hembury Slimline 5 – Key Facts


Canopy type Profiled / Flat Top
Width 585mm
Height 645mm
Depth 315mm
Nominal Output 5Kw
Efficiency 81.6%
Flue Size 125mm (5″)
Standard Leg Length 100mm (4″)
Flue Centre Top 105mm
Flue Centre Rear 485mm
Energy Efficiency Rating A+

Distance to combustibles (mm) Rear of
Side of
With Rear
Heat Shield
Hembury Slimline 5 1000 500 400

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Dean Forge Colour Options
Dean Forge Colour Options

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Ex-Display Dartmoor Baker 5 Wood burning Stove

This ex-display Dartmoor Baker 5, with a 5kw nominal heat output has an integral oven with three shelf heights utilising the heat from the fire to cook bake or warm delicious food.  This version comes with a standard top to the stove.

The Dartmoor Baker’s have oven vents which allow the cooking smells and condensation to be drawn out of the oven and up the chimney.  If you would like to use the top of the stove to warm a pan or boil a kettle then the use of the back flue adaptor is recommended when installing the stove.  The rear flue outlet will create a clear area, providing extra space and access to the hotter part of the top plate (near the back).

Ex display Price £778.68 Inc.VAT
Collection only – last one

This model is supplied without the resting shelf top, it has a standard profile top, and includes stainless steel handles.

Dartmoor Baker 5 – Brochure Image

The Dartmoor Baker has a removable cleaning plate located inside the oven.  This door provides cleaning access to the top of the oven or for sweeping the chimney when fitted with a top exit flue.  Check your chimney sweep is happy to sweep through this access door before installation.

The Baker 5 is approved for the use in smoke controlled areas with a DEFRA kit fitted as standard.

Colour Details Dimensions
Black Baker 5 Profiled Flat Top W: 430
H: 720
D: 285


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