Yeoman CL5 Highline Electric Stove

Rounding off the CL5 electric family, is the impressive Highline stove model. As with its CL5 electric counterparts, the Highline model gives an extended and sophisticated finish with its tall, integrated log store base.

The realistic hand-painted log effect combines with the reflective internal lining to give unequalled flame visuals using Veriflame™ technology. Together with its high efficiency and warming heat output, the CL5 Electric Highline stands tall and proud, with the smart Jet Black Metallic finish enhancing any interior decor.

Fire Effects Unique Veriflame™ technology with
three brightness levels (blue boost setting)
Variable Heat Output Up to 2kW
Efficiency 99%
Ventilation No flue, chimney or air vent required
Power Source 13amp socket needed
Remote Control Options Remote control supplied as standard