Wood & Fuel

We have a wide selection of wood & fuel available from our showroom  – collect your wood / fuel or have it delivered.

Choose a Double Bay log store, an ideal storage shed for firewood logs.

Cut Logs in Nets – Hardwood

Kiln Dried Ash  £5.95 per net
Kindling:  £3.50 per net
Barn Dried Mixed Cut Logs £3.95 per net

Buy 10 nets of  kiln dried logs and get 1 net free!

Crate of kiln dried wood Ash
Crate of kiln dried wood Ash

Large Crate Bulk Kiln Dried Ash Logs
1 Metre Pallet £175.00 – Delivered*
1 Metre Pallet £150.00 – Collected

Dumpy Bag Kiln Dried Ash Logs
Dumpy Bag £125.00 – Delivered*
Dumpy Bag £90.00 – Collected


These Fuels are all suitable for burning in Wood & Multi-fuel Stoves, Chimeneas, fire bowls & open fires.  To store your delivery of wood beside your home there is a range of attractive Log Stores available

All items are subject to availability so please contact us on Tel 01364 643574


*Kerb side delivery only – please request rates for non-standard delivery as extra fees may apply.


Exeter Charcoal for sale. Approx 3kg bags.
Exeter Charcoal for sale. Approx 3kg bags.

Sustainable clean burning Charcoal – Ideal for Firepits, Outdoor Ovens and all types of BBQs.

Locally sourced this product is locally produced, sustainable with no added chemicals – just pure clean burning charcoal.


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