Swedish Garden Log Fire Candle

Swedish Garden Log Fire Candle

Delight your summer BBQ guests (and enjoy the warming flames at the same time) with our Swedish Fire Logs. £6.50 each

If you’re popping round to friends for a garden party this summer make this a conversation piece, the Swedish Fire Log will burn like a giant candle for long periods and last all evening without any fuss. Light it before your guests arrive using the fire starter wick that pokes out of the top of the fire log and it’ll last the night. Swedish Fire Log Candle

The idea is that the vertical cuts in this lump of Nordic wood allow for plenty of oxygen whilst the log is the fuel itself which slowly burns in a controlled way all evening.

  • Just place the wood on a solid fireproof base, light the torches wick, wait a few minutes until the torch flame up
  • These logs are a beautiful way to light up summer evening parties, or take the edge of chilly evenings when you still want to sit outside
  • Each log has then been split using the same technique that the Swedish Soldiers discovered during the 17th century. This enables the fire to breathe and ensures that it will burn for longer
  • Size approximately (Diameter x Height): D-12cm x H-19cm
    Please note this is a natural wood product and sizes are vary