Sherford 8 Se Spares

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Product Code ModelDescriptionRRP Price Example Image
SPDFPAFBSherford 8 Non-eco Black Stove Paint £16.08 + vat
SPDFEDSH8RKSherford 8 Non-eco Main Door Rope Kit£19.75 + vat
SPDFEDSH8GLSherford 8 Non-eco Door Glass£46.50 + vat
SPDFEDSH8BBLSherford 8 Non-eco Back Brick (Pair)£44.80 + vat
SODFBB5Sherford 8 Non-ecoBack Box Rear Flue Adaptor 125mm£101.82 + vat
SODFBBSherford 8 Non-eco Back Box Rear Flue Adaptor 150mm£101.82 + vat

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