Red Devil ‘Kamado’ Ceramic Barbeque

Red Devil Ceramic Barbeque

Cooking Alfresco with a traditional heat source is one of the fastest growing adventure cooking styles for the home gourmet.  Just fire up your coals, vent to the right temperature, pop your masterpiece on the grill close the lid and sit back and relax.

The name Kamado comes from the Japanese word for “stove” or “cooking range”. This name has been adapted to become the generic name for this style of ceramic cooker.  It offers incredible strength, durability and heat insulation. Dating back 4000 years ago, archaeologists discovered large clay vessels, which were thought to be incarnations of the Kamado Ceramic cooker.
Available in 12″ (30cm), 18″ (46cm) & 21″ (53cm)

  • Red Devil ‘Kamado’ Ceramic Outdoor BBQ Cookers are extremely versatile and open up all sorts of culinary uses.  Whether it’s cooked fish, large joints of meat or poultry, grilled meat, baked bread, oven-fresh Pizza or exceptional desserts-the culinary fantasies with this unique ceramic stove know no bounds.
  • The grill of this BBQ gets to the optimum cooking temperature quickly, and retains the heat longer than standard BBQs.

    12 inch Red Devil Ceramic Barbeque
    12 inch Red Devil Ceramic Barbeque
  • Its dual airflow control allows you to achieve the right temperature to within a few degrees, and maintains it with accuracy that rivals or betters many indoor ovens. This makes it ideal for a host of cooking tasks.
  • The BBQ is exceptionally well-insulated so doesn’t get as hot as traditional metal barbecues. This makes it safer to use, especially if you have children around.
  • The shell is finished in a striking Red that looks great and wipes clean with ease.

Inside residual heat burns away any leftover grease which can be brushed away with a bristled brush for easy maintenanc