Mendip 5 & 8 Woodburning & Multi-fuel Stoves

Mendip 5 & 8 Woodburning & Multi-fuel Stoves
The simple lines and compact size of the Mendip 5 & 8 blend easily into any home environment either as a freestanding stove or in a traditional inglenook setting.

Mendip 8
Mendip 8

The controllable heat output from both the 5 & 8kW models provide a roomful of warmth. The tough British made steel body and cast iron door is designed for many years of service, internally the chamber is insulated and ensures high temperature combustion. In addition a clear view of the fire is maintained by a cleverly designed air wash feature which bathes the glazed door helping to prevent the build-up of firebox deposits. The Mendips’ air controls give you flexibility when burning wood or smokeless fuels while the tertiary air supplies ensure efficient combustion by enabling good secondary combustion of the flue gases. The Mendip 8 Boiler builds on the existing range with wraparound boiler jacket making it possible to share the warmth of your fire with other parts of your house.

  • Cast iron door
  • Milled stainless steel handle
  • Cast iron grate
  • Steel baffle
  • Cast iron convection top
Mendip 5 Mendip 8
Output kW 4.8kW (wood) 5.2kW (coal) 8.3kW (wood) 7.7kW (coal)
8.7kW (wood) 8.3kW (coal) boiler
Efficiency 79% (wood)  72% (coal) 75% (wood) 67% (coal)
74% (wood) 68% (coal) boiler
h x w x d
560 x 400 x 380 560 x 400 x 440
560 x 550 x 440 (boiler)