Mendip 5 & 8 Logstore

Mendip 5 & 8 Logstore
The Mendip 5 and 8 logstore models have the same tough and reliable fire chamber as the standard height Mendips, but with their extra height the fire is closer to eye level when sitting, so watching the dancing flames is a more enjoyable experience.

The raised multi-fuel chamber gives the stove extra presence and shows a taller silhouette.  When burning coat the Mendip models have a sturdy cast iron riddling grate allowing air to pass through for coal to burn at optimum levels.

Both the Mendip 5 and 8 models have longer refuelling periods when burning coal, so keeping your fire running is as effortless as possible.  The logstore Mendip Boiler adds on the existing range with wraparound boiler system making it possible to offset 60% of the heat to radiators or hot water in other parts of your house.

  • Cast iron door
  • Milled stainless steel handle
  • Cast iron grate
  • Steel baffle
  • Enclosed logstore
  • Cast iron convection top
Mendip 5 Logstore Mendip 8 Logstore
Output kW 4.8kW (wood)
5.2kW (coal)
8.3kW (wood) 7.7kW (coal)
8.7kW (wood) 8.3kW (coal) boiler
Efficiency 79% (wood)  72% (coal) 75% (wood) 67% (coal)
74% (wood) 68% (coal) boiler
h x w x d
800 x 400 x 380 800 x 550 x 440
800 x 550 x 440 (boiler)