Hembury 6 se

Ex-display Hembury 6 Se

Ex-display Hembury 6 Se

Ex-display Hembury 6 Se 6.5kw stove is based on the successful Clearburn Range. This 6.6kw multi-fuel wood burning stove has the same exceptionally efficient AirWash system and with the large glass window it benefits from a clear view of whole fire.  It is supplied with a fitted wood burning plate. This plate enables hot embers to be retained, restricting the air entering the underside of the fire which improves the combustion when burning wood. When burning solid fuel or a mixture of wood and solid fuel together the plate can be easily removed.  This stove is located at our Dean Prior showroom.

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RRP:  £1,460.00 inc vat
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Hembury 6 Se

•   6.5kw Nominal Output
•   W: 585mm H: 645mm D: 315mm
•   Individual Primary and Secondary air controls
•   Fixed multi-fuel grate and ash pan
•   Wood burning plate
•   Air control knobs finished in stainless steel
•   Profiled Flat Top
•   Flue size – 150mm 
•   Efficiency 79.6%
•   Energy Efficiency Class   A