Sherford Slimline 5

Ex-display Sherford Slimline 5 se

This ex-display Sherford Slimline 5 se is a clean line modern wood burning stove sharing the same technology built into the Dean Stoves Clearburn Range. It offers high efficiency and an exceptional air wash system, helping to maintain a clearer view of the fire.
The Sherford Slimline 5 se has a large glass window for maximum view of the fire and dual air controls for efficient burn efficiency. With its stylish modern looks it will enrich any room contemporary or traditional.

Ex-Display-Sherford-Slimline 5 se
Ex-Display-Sherford-Slimline 5 se

Price Now £988.80 Inc. Vat
RRP: £1288.00 Inv. Vat
*In store purchase only –  one only available

Sherford Key Features
■ Primary and secondary air controls
■ Rear and top flue outlets
■ Preheated air wash
■ DEFRA kit installed as standard
Sherford Range Options
■ Rear vertical flue adaptor
■ Closed Combustion

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