Ex-display Dartmoor Baker 5 Multi-fuel 5kw

This Dartmoor Baker 5 multi-fuel 5kw wood burning stove is available at our Dean Prior showroom. The Dartmoor Baker 5 has an integral oven above the fire box utilising the heat from the fire to cook, bake or warm delicious food.

The Dartmoor Baker 5 has oven vents that allow the cooking smells and condensation to be drawn out of the oven and up the chimney. Using a rear flue outlet this will create a clear area, providing extra space and access to the hotter part of the top plate. A special Dartmoor Baker back adaptor with the flue cleaning access can be purchased to achieve this.
**This model is not supplied with an extended stove top.

Price Now £977.69 Inc. inc vat
RRP: £1396.70
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Dartmoor Baker 5 Features
Energy Efficiency – A+
Nominal Output – 5kw
Efficiency – 82%
Flue Size – 125mm
Width – 430mm
Height – 720mm
Depth – 285mm
Flue Centre (A) – 100mm
Flue Centre (B) – 618mm