Esse Solo Electric

The Solo Electric is a powerful heater and an elegant design feature.  This 2kw electric stove is hand built to last, with beautiful cast iron features, and is now available in even more colour options.

Like all ESSEs, the British built Solo benefits from over 162 years stove-making experience.

The award-winning Solo is beautifully crafted and functional.  The tall, thin design acts as a ‘chimney’ naturally convecting warm air out of the vents.  A two-layer body maximises the surface area for effective heat exchange and it benefits from thermostatic control.

Position it anywhere with a 13 Amp power source and it can also be used simply as a welcoming light, without heat, on warm evenings.

Available in Ash White, Bronze, Black, Gold, Iron Grey, Polished and Ruby finishes.

Output Up to 2kw
Electric supply 13amp
Weight 43kg
Thermostat Yes
3-setting control Light/1kW/2kW
Dimensions 370mm width / 765mm height