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One of the most efficient wood burning stoves you can buy!

Our Eco ranges of Croft, Dartmoor, Woodbury, Sherford wood and log burning or multi fuel stoves with advanced Clearburn technology are designed on simple clean-cut lines to grace any home, they provide excellent efficiency and are very easy to operate.

The new Woodbury Eco range, and Eco 2022 Compliant (Ecodesign), is now available. It can be seen in our showroom or here on the Dean Stoves product page, designed to be an economical and affordable wood burning or multi-fuel stove it has proved to not only be popular for its price, but it has proved to be a very efficient and effective stove.

Please note that the specifications, options and features on the rest of this page refer to the Clearburn Croft ranges of stoves and not all will apply to the Dartmoor range.

Foxworthy High Wood burning stove
Foxworthy High Eco Wood burning stove

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The Croft range of Wood burning and Multi-fuel stoves has a flat heating area on top with the option of a profiled or rolled edge finish. There are seven models in the range, Junior (5Kw), Small (8Kw) in both standard, Medium (11Kw) and Large (12Kw).

Door Handle & Control Knob Options

All Croft stoves have the option of a cage handle or a black or stainless steel bar handle. Although we recommend the use of a glove when operating the stove, the cage handle will stay cooler than the bar handle options. The secondary air control has the option of a brass, black or stainless steel knob. The Dartmoor Eco range has a choice of black or stainless steel handles. This is the same for the new Huccaby & Foxworthy range. Please state which options you would like when ordering your stove.

A Clear Vision of the Fire

Dean Stoves own handmade Clearburn range incorporate a pre-heated air wash system. This system is designed to heat the secondary air to a very high temperature before being drawn over the glass. The stove induces pre-heated air from the bottom of the stove through a labyrinth of passages into the top of the stove and over the double glazed door, this drives unburnt gasses back into the fire chamber mixing with the air at the same time. These gasses combined with the hot air cause combustion over the glass, burning more fuel particles and unwanted deposits off the glass, thus increasing the efficiency and vision of the fire.

So high efficiency, well designed and good clear views of the flames, what more could you ask for in a Wood burning or Multi-fuel Stove.


As standard the Croft, Slimline and Small ranges of stoves are fitted with 100mm (4″) legs and the Medium and Large ranges are fitted with 150mm (6″) legs. We are able to offer custom leg heights from 25mm (2″) to 200mm (8″) and if this is a requirement please state this when ordering your stove.

Flue Options

Dartmoor 5 Eco wood burning stove

For all the Dean Stove ranges there are three flue arrangements available, top, rear and back box. Top and rear options are fitted as standard to all the Dean Stoves range. The back box is an optional extra which enables the stove to be brought forward in the fire place and the top kept clean, whilst using a vertical flue. This option also eliminates the use of a tee and cap, with the added facility (in most cases) to still clean the flue through the stove. Please note: cleaning the flue through the stove is not always possible with saddle and integral boilers.

Multi-Fuel Grate Option

The full range of Cleanburn stoves can be fitted with a multi-fuel coal grate. The Junior, Slimline and Small stoves can be fitted with a grate system where you can riddle the ash through to an ash pan via an external riddling arm. The Medium, Large stoves have a static grate system. All these options can be removed for greater efficiency when Wood Burning. All the Dartmoor range can also be fitted with a multi-fuel grate, the Dartmoor 5 Eco is fitted with a grate system where you can riddle the as though to the ash pan via an External riddling arm, the Dartmoor W5 Eco, and 8 have a static grate system. Same as the Clearburn option All these options can be removed for greater efficiency when Wood Burning.

Hearth Requirements and Stove Installation

All the Dean Forge Clearburn range of Wood burning and Multi-fuel stoves can be sited on a minimum of non-combustible hearth to meet the current building regulations. Please refer to installation instructions and current building regulations before installing your stove. Dean Forge recommend all stove installations are carried out by an experienced HETAS qualified engineer.

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