Dartmoor W5 Se Wood burning or Multi-fuel Stove

The Dartmoor W5 Se has been developed to provide a wide door 5kw stove.  An ideal choice for smaller rooms with larger fireplaces.

Dartmoor W5 Se – Key Features

  • Powerful air wash system
  • Wider door than the Dartmoor 5, but with the same 5kw nominal output
  • Woodburning and Multi-fuel models available
  • APPROVED for use in smoke control areas
  • 2022 Compliant models available
  • Kits available to convert the woodburner model to burn smokeless fuels
  • Rear and Base protection plates not normally required unless the stove is being sited on a heat sensitive hearth material such as slate or marble.
  • 5 Year Guarantee – Full details see Operating Instructions
Colour Details Dimensions
Flat Black Dean Forge Dartmoor W5, Profiled Flat Top W: 565
H: 640
D: 290

Dean Stoves 5 year guarantee

Dartmoor W5 Se – Key Facts  

Nominal Output 5Kw
Efficiency 80.60%
Flue Size 125mm (5″)
Standard Leg Length 105mm (4″)
Optional Integral Boiler No
Optional Saddle Boiler No
Optional Flat Back Boiler No
Flue Centre Top 103mm
Flue Centre Rear 475mm
Energy Efficiency Rating A+

Distance to combustibles (mm) Rear of
Side of
With Rear
Heat Shield
Dartmoor W5 Se 900 600 475

Calculate heat requirement for your room

× × - kw

Door handle and control knob options

Dartmoor W5 Spares

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