Christon Inset

Christon Inset
Inset stoves give a different vision for a wood stove, a flush built in product ideal for the more minimalist rooms.

Christon wood inset fires have simple classic lines with a large window allowing the fire to show through. The well-constructed box within a box design allows good convection air flow around the firebox and into the room. The large ceramic glass window emits ample radiant heat.

The Christon inset range is manufactured in steel plate; it has a fully insulated chamber and is designed to burn wood efficiently. This stove fits comfortably in most environments providing ample heat from both the 600mm and 700mm wide options. The clean smooth looks of the front of a Christon stove are complimented by a choice of a 3 or 4 sided frame allowing the stove to be fitted on a hearth or set higher in a flush wall application.


  • Quality steel construction
  • Large glass area
  • Convector box
  • 3 or 4 sided frames
Christon 600 Inset Christon  700 Inset
Output kW 7.0kW(wood) 9.0kW(wood)
Efficiency 73%(wood) 74% (wood)
Dimensions Stove front: 530 x 600 x 410
4s frame: 650 x 700
3s frame: 580 x 700
Stove front: 600 x 700 x 430
4s frame: 720 x 800
3s frame: 650 x 800