Aga Minsterley Wood Burning & Multi-fuel Stove

Colour Details Dimensions
Black Minsterley W: 568
H: 782
D: 571

Designed with outstanding hot water performance as a priority, the Minsterley wood burning and multi-fuel stove has an excellent central heating/hot water to space heating ratio. This means that, unlike other similar appliances, excess heat isn’t given into the room. To achieve its excellent fuel efficiency, the Minsterley utilises Advanced Airwash Technology. This is a combination of clever design and precision engineering, which uses hidden baffles, channels and ducts in the construction of the stove to manipulate the air circulation, resulting in efficient and clean combustion – as well as low emissions.

Versatility is also key to the Minsterley, with its interchangeable fuel plate, primary and secondary air intakes for better control and top or rear flue outlet option.

Ministerley – Key Facts

Heat Output (Space) 3.6Kw
Heat Output (Water) 7.5Kw
Efficiency 73%
Height to centre of rear flue 658mm
Flue outlet diameter 153mm (6″)
Flue requirement Class 1
Weight 178Kg