Mendip Stoves are manufacturers of high quality, well designed, wood burning and multi fuel stoves with a wide range covering traditional and contemporary styling's there is something to suit any taste. Mendip Stoves have been designing and producing wood burning and multi fuel stoves of the highest quality, and have developed a reputation for supplying only stoves with the best combustion techniques, looks and build quality ensuring that your stove will be a welcome addition to your home for many years to come.
Mendip 5 in ivory enamel
The Mendip Stove is the flagship of our brand. It brings simplicity and traditional styling along with brilliant multi fuel burning characteristics, as well as this the Mendip 5 and 8 are now both available with enamel finishes in range of colours to suit your homes unique style.
With the constant rising cost of gas, oil and electricity prices many people are looking for affordable alternatives to heat their home, well not to worry as Mendip Stoves have this covered as we have available the Mendip 8 boiler and the Burrington inset boiler stove. These stoves offer both a gentle heat for your room and a way to supply or supplement your heating system with hot water.
Loxton 3 woodburning stove
One of the most popular aspects of the Mendip Stoves range is the more contemporary styled stoves, the Loxton and Churchill ranges, available in a variety of outputs from 3kW all the way through to 10kW. Featuring triple air supplies and insulated chambers all with smooth clean lines complimenting the design. In 2012 Mendip Stoves released the new Churchill model available with convection side panels, adding to the curved shape of the body as well as aiding the transfer of heat to your room meaning you can heat a larger area quicker.
Somerton wood burning stove
As part of Mendip Stoves policy we are constantly striving to improve and expand the range of stoves we offer. As part of this we have introduced two completely new models for the 2012 season. The Somerton, a tall slim line, rounded convection stove featuring a highly efficient wood burning chamber and huge glass area for maximum enjoyment of the flames. The Burcott , designed specifically to fit inside a standard British fireplace opening even without removing the fire back, this features convection and cool touch controls. A simple stove to operate it gives you a smooth controllable heat with the minimum amount of fuss.