Harrie Leenders Pharos

Harrie Leenders Pharos Interior

Harrie Leenders Pharos Interior – Ex-Display
Pharos Interior is a fireplace with an open combustion chamber.  So there is no glass between you and the fire.  The included spark screen guarantees a safe fire.

Pharos Interior is a floating room sculpture. Fixed to the ceiling with a special construction.  For a good view on the fire Pharos Interior is rotatable up to 360°.  When placed in front of a wall 2×60° is possible.

The cast aluminium casing makes Pharos Interior unique and is of exceptional quality and gives the casing a soft surface.

Colour: Black/Anthracite
Sold as seen – Includes Fixing bracket, rotating bracket & fire screen.
Was £6298.00 inc vat –  Now £3149.00 inc vat